Practice description

I work to the practice of weekly 50-minute sessions, held on the same day and at the same time each week. I believe that the reliability and consistency that comes with having regular sessions in this way is an important part of the therapeutic frame. However, there is no set number of counselling sessions, instead they take the form an ongoing arrangement.

The fee for each counselling session is £50, whilst I also hold a limited number of concessionary spaces for those on low incomes where the fee for each counselling session is £30.

Our first session

Our first meeting will be an initial consultation, which is a combined assessment and 'getting-to-know-you' session. It will be used both to discuss why you are looking for therapy now and what you would like to talk about, and also for us to see how we work together. It is important that when you are engaging in therapy your needs are being met, and finding the right therapist for you is integral to that.

The fee for these 50 minute initial consultations is £25, with there being no obligation to take up further sessions. If we feel that we have a good therapeutic 'fit' and you would like to arrange ongoing sessions, we can do so on the day; however, you may feel that you need to take more time to think it over, and it is important that you feel comfortable with your decision.

I hope that this brief overview provides enough guidance to help you make an informed choice, but if you find you have any questions please do get in contact and I will be happy to help.

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