About me and psychodynamic therapy

Hello, my name is Richard, and I am an online and telephone psychodynamic counsellor offering sessions across the UK and abroad.

When starting psychotherapy or counselling there are many styles and modalities available. While certain types of therapy can be considered more suitable for particular issues, often the determining factor is personal preference. Psychodynamic counselling has a distinct focus on events which have troubled us in the past, although we might not have awareness of them, and continue to trouble us in the present often through repeated patterns.

There might not be any defined areas of concern, and issues can be deep-seated; however, the therapeutic relationship aims to bring these aspects into consciousness in a manageable way so that they may be worked through safely. While psychodynamic counselling is often open-ended and can span several years, short courses of six months or less have also shown to be effective.

As a trained psychodynamic counsellor, I offer a confidential, welcoming, and non-judgemental space to talk about what you are finding difficult in your life. My practice as a therapist is supported by my background working across a diverse range of mental health and caring environments, and I am experienced in working with clients with stress, depression, anxiety, and feelings of being angry, upset, stuck, or confused. I believe that the working relationship is key to productive therapy, and through a compassionate approach I can help you to explore issues at your own pace to understand and express yourself more fully.

I am a registered member of the BACP, with my practice underpinned by professional ethics, ongoing supervision, and continual professional development.

I also hold clean, enhanced DBS certification for working with children and adults and am subscribed to the DBS Update Service.

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